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I have been running Media Moruge for about two and a half years now. Since starting the site, I've been trying to acquire the domain name "" I thought the name was available when I was working on this site's creation, but a whois search shortly after I started showed that the name was snatched up almost a year before I launched the site.

The person that currently owns the name had initially agreed to sell it to me. Scraping the funds together from whatever pennies I made through advertising on the site has taken almost two years and now that I am FINALLY in a position to pay this individual for this little plot of land in the virtual world, I'm told that he's decided to keep the name for himself.

This means I'm now faced with the challenge of completely redesigning the website: New logo, new branding, new theme, new advertising, new marketing, new merchandise, new everything.

Media Morgue is a labor of love for me and after working to establish ourselves as a good source of information for "news, reviews and rumors on film, television and the media," It pains me to have to scrap it all and start from scratch again just because some two bit, cybersquatting asshat wants to use our name for himself. (He's even using a variation on our toe tag logo. How creative.)

However, I am not quitting. If this bozo doesn't want my money, I will pay one of you instead.

So here's the challenge:

We need a good top level domain name. Something that is memorable, catchy, implies a connection to the media/movie/television industry, preferably witty and most importantly available.

If it can meet all those criteria and I decide to use it, I'll pay you $100. I'll also write a big thank you to you on the site and be indebted to you for the rest of my life.

I understand that $100 is not a lot of money for the amount of work I am asking for, but its honestly all I have. Help me re-design this website from the ground up. In exchange I will pay you not nearly what the effort is worth.

Send any suggestions or ideas directly to me. by clicking here.


-The Judge


Anonymous said...

You choose a name that was already taken, you take years to come up with $100 (presumably) to buy it and say the guy is cybersquatting, while he must be actively creating a site if he's taken the time to make a logo? Oh yeah, and a toe tag is really not the obvious logo for this name which he had a year before you did... And you have the balls to call HIM the asshat? Wow.

The Judge said...

Media Morgue is run as a way for me to vent about my daily life in the business. Unfortunately, I am extremely limited by what expenses I can use to promote and operate the site. In fact, I have zero "discretionary funds" to play with since my wife is dealing with cancer and medical bills eat up literally everything I make. I didnt want to mention the whole cancer thing, but since you questioned my ability to raise the funds, now you know.

I started with Blogger in the first place because its a free platform. This is also why it has taken forever to get the funds together. Its only from the advertising sold on the site that I have been able to raise any money at all.

For two and a half years he (or should I say YOU, Chad?) sat on the domain name doing nothing. When I asked about buying the site originally, he (you) first told me that he was going to do a movie and television review website. Hmmm. Then later he was willing to part with the name for the price agreed. And now that I finally have the money together, he changes his mind again.

So yes, I call that textbook asshat behavior.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Damn, it sounds to me like you two ladies should get a room a let it rip. You crazy lovers you!

The Judge said...

Mr. Anonymous before you posted a rebuttal to my comments, but I see no reason to continue to argue a moot point. He's entitled to his opinion, as am I.

Mr. Brokaw can have the name and I wish him well.

Alea iacta est.

Akrid said...

I assume you have acquired someone to do this for you, as the link specified 404'd.

The Judge said...

No, which explains why I havent been getting too many emails.

The link is fixed, but if you want to send me an email, its mediamorgue(at)

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