American Idol Group ONE - BORING!

It was a total dismal bore. I was not as entertained as I should have been and I surely was not as entertained with the first three as the judges were. There was something wrong with the sound because most of them sounded horrible. Maybe they really didn’t know what they were doing with the mike or the technical issues they were having with the videos was not the only technical problem they were having. Whatever it was, it was just bleh. But I will continue to watch it. I don’t have a favorite, though the blind guy has my interest. He better be good when he comes around in one of the other groups.

Some of the songs I didn’t totally catch, because I was not that interested to do so. Why should I put forth effort of the show I’m talking about can’t?

This is how it works:

There will be three from this group that are going to be part of the top twelve. The highest vote getting male. The highest vote getting female and then the next vote getter after all that. That is how the next two groups will go. Then there’s the Judges’ pick.

Here are my thoughts on those that preformed Tuesday Night for Group One.

Jackie Tohn

It looked like she was wearing something from the 80’s and she was rockin’ the step aerobics look. And the singing was sub par. I think that that’s that and she won’t be going anywhere. Looked like that belt would just block bullets as well as dates with guys that have brains and money. Bleh. She sang Elvis Presley “Satisfaction”. It sounded like something that eked out of an amusement park stage or better yet a squeaky board someone steps on to annoy anyone in the vicinity.

Ricky Braddy

He looked like a poor man’s Hugh Heffner dressed in that jacket and jeans. The singing was a bit boring. I yawned. I did. I did not vote for him. I didn’t vote for most of these people.

Alexis Grace

Never Loved a Man - Aretha Franklin

Her look was a trashy 20’s smoky bar singer. It was like hearing elevator music and forgetting that you heard it once you get off on your floor. That’s what that was like. The fact that the judges (all) loved her singing made me feel as if their ears are broken, because mine are perfect.

Brent Keith

Hicktown - Jason Aldean

Simple look that would get him lost in a crowd, but at least he looked normal and more like himself. A band in a bar belting out country hits, that’s what he reminded me of. Nothing spectacular. But I so love country this was making me hopeful. He could get better.

Stevie Wright

You Belong to Me - Taylor Swift

She looked like someone wrapped her as a gift that was rejected by all the homeless children. Her signing was almost like she was a special-ed child karaoking to Taylor Swift. This cannot be insulting to her as much as to the children who probably would be more entertaining.

Anoop Desai

Sports jacket look was very well worn like boring on a college professor. The song was less angelic but so far it was one of the better ones. He has a good attitude and he could learn and improve.

Casey Carlson

She wore a golden potato sack. It was not stylish. Um…I can’t use boring again but she was not worth using the thesaurus for. BORING!

Michael Sarver

His look was more exciting than his singing…and that’s not saying much At.All. He sounded like he needed to use the restroom the entire time. He is a decent guy, though. No hard feelings.

Ann Marie Boskovich

Wow, like ice cream to the tongue that was to my ears. She was simply wonderful. I so voted for her, period. And her dress was so comfy cloud looking. Comforting she was to me, but apparently not to the judges.

Stephen Fowler

He was dressed like denim was rebelling. He sang like he was singing to the The Pillsbury Dough boy. It’s really hard to described their singing so one would understand, but if that doesn’t give you an idea you’re better off just forgetting you read it and move on. Oh and he is just a No. No and No.

Tatinana Del Toro

Uhm at the end of that song she looked like she had an orgasmic feeling. Gross could not even begin to described how creepy whorish she looked. She makes me want to take a bath and scrub my brain of her. But not shockingly she sang well. I still don’t like her. Her dress looked like the sun threw up on her. She polluted the stage. And her laugh sounds like a retarded dolphin.

Danny Gokey

Hero - Mariah Carey

Simple sleeve and jeans. He has the whole Robert Downey Jr. look down pat. His singing was decent like the guy who always say good morning to you when you don’t say it back. He continues to do so even though you don’t. It’s predictable and comfortable but not spectacular, but I did vote for him because I liked him previously.

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