Was A "UFO" Caught on Camera During the Inauguration?

It hasnt taken long for the tinfoil hat crowd to start making claims about our 44th president. I think it was the next day that Alex Jones was already exclaiming that Obama works for the same puppet masters as our former presidential knucklehead.

And then there's this fellow:

According to the video, a 'UFO' was caught by 'CNN' during the 'inauguration' of the president. (the quotes are his, not mine.)

I think its a bug. Especially since 2 million people that all were looking in the same direction at the same time didnt seem to think they saw anything strange. Only this one shot, from one angle, in a split second.

I hesitate to even show this video since its obviously a ploy by some lame website to get some cheap traffic, but I was amused.

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