Warner Bros. To Cut 800 Jobs

While the rest of the planet was watching America finally come to its senses, Warner Bros. decided to be a colossal buzz kill for 10% of its global workforce.

The news came yesterday morning in the form of a memo to all WB employees:

"Based on the global economic situation and current business forecasts, the studio will have to make staff reductions in the coming weeks in order to control costs."

Despite the fact that "The Dark Knight" has made almost a billion dollars worldwide and is going to be re-released this Friday to wring some more money and possibly an Oscar out of the franchise, Warner Bros. has been in trouble for a while. They axed the marketing dept of New Line Cinema and closed down Warner Independent and Picturehouse studios, and they are still looking at grim times. Cutting the work force was something the execs say they did as a last resort.

According to Variety, the studio will eliminate 200 open positions, lay off 300 employees and farm 300 IT and accounting jobs to an outsourcing company.

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