Top Flicks for 2009

So what does the box office hold for us in 2009? Here are Media Morgues critics with their picks for the top 10 most anticipated films coming out this year.

JJ's Picks:

1. Star Trek
I’m there midnight, Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday. Count me in, Scotty.

2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Yes. And by yes I mean HELL YES. See the Trailer? White Queen, Banshee, Storm, Gambit, Cyclops (though most are younger versions), not to mention Deadpool.

3. The Proposal
Mainly because I'm a HUGE Sandra Bullock fan...there is no other reason.

4. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Sure…cool cars and a foxy lady what is there not to like?

5. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Not seeing Harry Potter in it’s normal November duds was surely a 2008 disappointment. Expectations for this one are through the roof and I shall give my two cents, that’s for sure.

6. The Soloist
7. Up

8. Watchmen
If it doesn’t get stuck in a fox hole then I’ll be sure to see what’s so special about this comic book story.

9. Public Enemies
Wow! That cast list alone is worth money to pay and see eat dinner.

10. Where The Wild Things Are
I am going to be harsh on my review of this if it ruins one of the best children’s book ever written.

TV Maven's Picks:

1. Public Enemies
What Up Wit dat?: Johnny Depp plays John Dillinger in this period piece about the glory days of organized crime. Also highlights the early days of the FBI. Christian Bale and Leelee Sobieski along with Giovani Ribisi round out a star-studded (and studly) cast.

Why I Look forward to it: Johnny Depp + Guns + ‘splosions + NOT A SEQUEL!!!!
Why It may Suck: Billy Crudup in Drag as J. Edgar Hoover… *shudder*

2. Terminator: Salvation What Up Wit dat?: Christian Bale, again. The grown-up John Conner lurks in the post-James Cameron dystopia, hunted by badass T-600 robots.

Why I Look forward to it: It may just kill the franchise that has needed to die for a LONG time. Why it May Suck: It may spawn some more sequels/TV series/Happy meals…etc.

3. The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 What Up Wit dat?: Re-make of 1974 thriller. Features A chubby Denzel Washington and a mustachioed John Travolta star as hero and baddie (respectively). Think “Die-Hard” in a subway. (Yippee-kayay, and may I have a transfer, mother**ker!)

Why I look forward to it: Denzel is the shiznit… and Travolta plays really good psycho baddies (think Broken Arrow… Swordfish.. Pulp Fiction). At least one fine pair of breasts…
Why It may Suck: … on Denzel. Plus, I really don’t need another reason to avoid NYC subways…typically, the prospect of being urinated on by the homeless is enough.

4. Obsessed
What Up Wit dat?: Some rich guy has two major hotties fighting over him. His wife (Beyonce’) and his assistant (Ali Larter, the blonde from Heroes who isn’t a cheerleader…).

Why I look forward to it: Beyonce and Ali in chick-fight…. Sigh….
Why it May Suck: The writers may (correctly) assume that the chick fights are all that is needed to make this a blockbuster and phone in the rest of the film.

5. Angels and Demons
What Up Wit dat?: Dan Brown’s Prequel to DaVinci Code turned into a sequel for continuity purposes. Tom Hanks returns as “old version of Tom Hanks”. More de-bunking of church mythology wrapped in a mystery surrounded by an enigma dipped in chocolate.

Why I look forward to it: The Catholic church was pissed enough about the screenplay to stop filming at the Vatican. Anything that pisses off the Church is worth a look…since it could contain lesbian sex scenes.
Why it May Suck: The DaVinci Movie wasn’t that great to begin with. Plus…I still can’t look at Hanks without seeing Forrest Gump.

6. Grand Torino
What Up Wit dat?: Clint Eastwood, the really old badass, plays…well…a really old badass. Points guns, growls threats…simmer and serve.

Why I look forward to it: He actually uses the phrase “get off of my lawn!”
Why It might Suck: Eastwood is an accomplished actor/director, but he seems to be coming dangerously close to self-parody in this one.

7. The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnarssus
What Up Wit dat?: A thousand-year-old showman runs a theater of imagination. That’s the good news. The bad news is that in order to pull it off, he has made a deal with the devil. He now has to employ his friends Tony (the Late heath Ledger) and a dwarf (Vern Troyer) to fetch his kidnapped daughter.

Why I look forward to It: Director Terry Gilliam employs a unique method to cover the mid-production death of Heath Ledger. Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell will play the part of Tony in various scenes in the movie.
Why It May Suck: The presence of Vern “mini-me” Troyer always runs the risk of being incredibly distracting by conjuring up “Austin Powers” quotes at awkward times.

8. Bruno
What Up Wit dat?: The second coming of Borat…’cept he’s Austrian.

Why I look forward to it: I love to watch asshats behaving like asshats. And the inevitable series of “I didn’t know I was being mocked” lawsuits is amusing. I particularly enjoy the “I didn’t understand the waiver I signed because it didn’t have pictures…” argument.
Why It Might Suck: Part of the charm of Borat was the rural naiveté of the Khasekstani reporter. It’ll be tough to replicate that with an Austrian socialite.

9. The Soloist
What Up Wit dat?: A newspaper promoter tries to aid a homeless man in his career as a musician.

Why I look forward to it: Two of the best actors in contemporary film: Jaime Fox and Robert Downey Jr.
Why It Might Suck: Kind of looks like a cross between The Persuit of Happyness and Ray.

10. Star Trek
What Up Wit dat?: If you don’t know, no amount of explaining will be able to inform you.

Why I look forward to it: I’m that much of a geek.
Why It Might Suck: No Shatner!



Connect with your teens said...

I love these type of lists. I just wrote a list of top 14 movies for 2009 for teens at

Hopefully most of these movies will live up to the hype.

The Judge said...

Not bad. Although just because they have teens in the film doesn't necessarily mean its a good film to watch with your teen.

I'd forgotten about S. Darko. Thanks for the reminder!

Paul Baines said...

It sometimes makes you wonder are there any original ideas left - we have remakes of remakes pouring out of the woodwork and have for over a decade. Perhaps Jean Baudrillard was right, we have reached the brink and are on our way down the evolutionary/socio-intellectual ladder (implosion of meaning caused by the media's proliferation of signs and symbols) - then again perhaps we were always a copycat race... still I relish originality however much of a myth it may or may not be...

Brad said...

Ditto Paul's comment. (get the irony?)

The Judge said...

You're irony is not lost on me, Brad.

I think Paul might be reading too much into it. Yes, we are a copycat race, but that is only because money is the driving motivator. If it were what this medium originally started out as: ART, it would be a different story.

So what we get instead are remakes because the studio feels its got a greater potential to make money with something we have seen before, rather than taking a chance on something that is untested or (dare I say it) new.

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