OMG The Academy Awards are going for the "Guess Who is Giving this Award Away" ploy

According to Movies, News & Gossip on Yahoo the 81st Academy Awards people have decided to not state who is to give away the awards until their names are mentioned on the night of the Oscars. The article goes on to state how the ratings have dropped and that last year was the worst ratings in years:
"At this point, the Academy is willing to do anything to boost ratings. Last year's Oscarcast, which saw Old Country for Old Men take home the Best Picture prize, was watched by 31.7 million people, the lowest-rated ceremony ever. By contrast, 1998's ceremony, which crowned Titanic, drew 57.2 million."
You know why? Because they nominated crap, that's why. If the Academy nominates the crap that the Golden Globes did then this year will be worst than last no matter if they got GOD to present the award for Best Picture at the end of the night.

No Country for Old Men was not seen by enough people to care that it was nominated and those that did see it didn't really think it was that great unless they were as pretentious as the film itself. (And yes I realize the quote said Old instead of No and that's funny if done on purpose to point out how STUPID their nominations have been.)

Last year they totally SNUBBED The Kite Runner for any award other than Musical Score which wasn't that great to begin with. They also snubbed There Will Be Blood's score as well. That score is haunting and should have been nominated and should have won.

This year the Golden Globes IGNORED The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas score. It's fantastic and I can't even begin to comprehend how they nominated the crap they did for that category.

No one is seeing Revolutionary Road. They should take into consideration box office relevance as well as the movie itself when nominating a film. Nominating films that no one has seen is the REASON people don't watch the awards. That and the Oscars are as long winded as the actors who think we want to hear their political dribble.

People watch the show to see if the movies they like win. They watch the awards to see people who deserve to win for their hard work give good speeches. They do not watch it to find out what obscure movies are in release that no one knows about be nominated as well as win. Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's crap and should be ignored. Nor is it right to think that those movies that are not being noticed are fantastic for them not being noticed.

This is about ratings and if the people are not interested, guess what? The ratings drop. Nominating crap like No Country for Old Men and that's what you'll get....crap ratings. This goes for other categories like song. Why wasn't the Goo Goo Dolls song "Before It's Too Late" from Transformers nominated? I bet it's a simple reason I don't know about. They nominate songs and people are like what? When the Lord of the Rings reign and were nominated for their Best Songs people watched.

People being talented is great. People being unknown and talented is great. A bunch of unknowns in a film is great. But when there's not a lot of people watching: Failure. Nominating that will bring the millions that are watching the Oscars to millions less just because they don't know that movie. Also ticket prices are not friendly, people are not going to spend an arm and a leg to see a movie that they had no interest in seeing just because it was nominated; like some people do just to seem relevant.

So my advice, nominate good films people saw and guess what they'll tune in. It's not rocket science, but apparently film industry people don't get what sales. That shouldn't surprise me since the movies that tend to fall out of their factories are less than desirable. The Movie Business is like Government, they say they know what they're doing but a trail of failure speaks otherwise. I bet they'd hate to be like the Government seeing how they think they are better than the Government, even if it is only in their center of the universe minds.

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