No to Grave Nominations

They didn't even think he could hack it. These movie know-it-alls didn't think it was possible. And now the same people that thought it wasn't possible are lobbying for him to win an Oscar because he died right when he was getting good.

No. No for two very good reasons. No to him becoming good. Heath Ledger has been good the moment we first saw him in 10 Things I Hate About You. Every single film he has been in, he has been the saving grace. The movie might not be so great but Heath Ledger put his best foot forward and did what he could with what he had, and it was always better than anyone else's best. And NOW they think he's deserving? He's DEAD.

Which brings me to my second NO. No to him being nominated for the Golden Globe and certainly a NO to being nominated for an Oscar. Does he deserve to be nominated? If he were alive, yes. He's dead. He would come back to life, I bet, to tell these people where to shove this, now, pretentious award they want to bestow upon him when he's six feet under. Graves should never be nominated for they don't have the same feeling and acting chops as most of us who don't call a grave a home. I'd state they don't have depth, but we all know that's not true.

It is so irritating that people finally realize that he has talent, that he could pull off the Joker with such fierce determination and rancor that only the real Joker could have for Batman. When it was confirmed he was to be the Joker I saw why he was picked. He was a (and still is to me) very good actor and I vouched for him in any discussion that fell upon why him. I knew he would not disappoint. I was, as most people, blown away by his performance, but that's about it. I wouldn't nominate him for an award because he's dead and I don't have to ask for forgiveness for taking for granted what a great actor he was by pretending I care and want him to win an Oscar like so many people are doing. How are you going to make up honoring someone you should have honored when they were alive? You can't, therefore you shouldn't. Chalk it up to something you should regret.

What if he doesn't win the Oscar? Someone who is alive has to accept an award with somberness because a dead guy was nominated with him. How is that suppose to make someone feel? They should be excited to have won, not feel like they are disliked because Heath didn't win.

It's all around creepy and wrong to nominate a dead guy for an award. It serves no purpose outside of pretending to award someone for something even though they'll never, ever know they were nominated; let alone won. I read excerpts of Heath Ledger's biography and from what I could gather he would be pissed off to be nominated taking a spot that could go to someone who would appreciate it far more because why? They're not dead.

I believe Heath Ledger was a great guy and it would have been awesome to have met him. He was, apparently, an attentive father according to his ex Michelle Williams. Why must people finally see what has always been there after the person no longer exists? Why does it take death to get recognition that one should have gotten when they were alive?

I'm very disappointed in the Academy for pandering to the lowest common denominator and nominating Heath Ledger. I'm disappointed in anyone that thinks that he should be nominated. They are thinking of their own selfish desire to see the Dark Knight get a big award and if it's not nominated for Best Picture why not win Best Actor instead? Because someone who can actually benefit from the win should be nominated, not someone that no one cared for until he died. A dead person's career is over. An Oscar boosts careers that actually exist. There's not much it can do for someone who no longer present.

Golden Statues are for the living. Fond and caring memories are for the dead. Let Heath Ledger, as they say, rest in peace and not in the political pushing of a non-caring industry (unless the camera is on them) who see only what was there when who had it can no longer give it except retroactively.

Give the Academy Award Nomination what it rightfully deserves, Heath...oh and you too Michelle.

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