Nick Cage to play Anwar Sadat??

It didn't take long for us to come up with a story that makes us sit up and feel nauseous. (Then again, that queasiness may just be the remnants of that 100 proof Southern Comfort I foolishly decided to have on New Years Eve.)

According to a couple of foreign news sites, Nicolas Cage has signed on to do a series for Egyptian television, where he will play slain president Anwar Sadat.

Let that sink in for a minute.

One of the producers on the series who apparently wishes to remain anonymous said that he wanted Will Smith to play the role mostly because the skin color was closer. Smith passed on the project, so they called Cage, who will get an estimated $40 million and his pick of directors for the series.

According to an Israeli news website, The daughter of the Egyptian president is already suing Producer/Scriptwriter Anis al-Deghaidi, for failing to get permission from the family to broadcast the series.

None of the usual media outlets have been reporting this story yet, so it may all just be a pipe dream for an Egyptian studio. If we find out anything more, we'll post it.

Cage is no foreigner to shilling for foreign advertisers. Below is one of his commercials for a Japanese Pachinko company that will truly change the way you look at this actor:

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