The King of Schlock Advertising: Billy Mays

If you watch TV for any length of time, you will no doubt glimpse Billy Mays screaming about something. For sixty seconds, this bearded buffoon bellows about the wonders of any number of products and over-emphatically implies that you, the consumer, would be certifiably insane not to purchase the stuff in mass quantities.

Mays - along with all of his other schlock-slinging peers - are part of a truly annoying, in your face television marketing genre that includes the "ShamWow" guy and hundreds of commercials that start with the line, How many times has this happened to you?

But seriously, who is this asshole and why is he always screaming?

It turns out, 50 year old William D. "Billy" Mays is the president and CEO of a promotion company based out of Guam. He's the designated shill on dozens of crappy products on TV like the "Gator Grip," the "Samuari Shark," "Mighty Mend It," "OxiClean" and something disturbingly called "Buddy Putty."

Billy got his start selling crap to people as they walked down the Atlantic City boardwalk. Years later he moved up in the world by doing state fairs and auto shows across the US. At one show he made friends with the manufacture of Orange Glo and was hired to promote their products, which included a stint on the Home Shopping Network. After that success, he did a line of television commercials and infomercials for the products. Orange Glo became a successful product and Mays career took off from that point to where we are now: his face and big mouth seen on TV every seven minutes.

Here's a little glimpse at some of Billy's work, remixed by Mastamokei on YouTube:

EDITORS NOTE: In honor of Mr. Mays' style of presentation, we had considered writing THIS WHOLE ARTICLE IN CAPS, but thankfully thought better of it.

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