In the Works: The A Team

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... Joe Carnahan?

Word on the street is that Carnahan (Smokin Aces, Pride and Glory) has been tapped to work with producer Ridley Scott, as well as original series producer Stephen J Cannel to bring the 80's TV show "The A-Team" to the big screen.

Seriously? The A Team?

I always loved the fact that all they had to do to get away from the bad guys that were pursuing them was shoot the front tire of the bad guys car and the car would rear-end another vehicle and somersault into the air, flipping and spinning on every axis. And then the bad guys would climb out of the wreckage with barely a smudge on their faces. Even as a kid I knew this was ridiculous. Of course, that didnt stop me from watching every week to see the next rubber stamp storyline unfold with big explosions and corny jokes.

They have tried several times to make an A Team feature film before, but for one reason or another the plans didnt come together. Now that 20th Century Fox has decided to green light the project, a tentative release date of June 11, 2010 has been marked on the calendar.

Stay tuned.

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