Hollywood News: Weekend Box Office Recap

Proving that fat guys on Segways are comedy gold, Kevin Smith's "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" was the number one movie in the box office this weekend. The Sony Pictures comedy brought in $33 million, beating out Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino" which dropped 24% over last week and took in $10 million less.

"My Bloody Valentine" was predicted to be the front-runner for the box office race, yet when the weekend was over, the slasher flick took in $21.9 million and placed third.

Meanwhile, the Oscar hype surrounding "Slumdog Millionaire" created a 55% increase in its numbers from last week. The Fox Searchlight pic surprisingly brought in $5.9 million in its 68th day in the box office.

And the big loser of the weekend was "The Unborn" dropping 55% and going from third place last week to 7th in its second bow.

Here's the top ten for this weekend:

1 (new) Paul Blart: Mall Cop $33,800,000
2 (1) Gran Torino $22,235,000
3 (new) My Bloody Valentine $21,900,000
4 (new) Notorious $21,500,000
5 (new) Hotel for Dogs $17,707,000
6 (2) Bride Wars $11,750,000
7 (3) The Unborn $9,848,825
8 (35) Defiance $9,206,000
9 (4) Marley & Me $6,325,000
10 (11) Slumdog Millionaire $5,900,000

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