Hollywood News: Weekend Box Office Recap

The cranky old man beat the battling brides at the box office this weekend.

Eastwood's Torino - which has been in the box office for over a month now, finally went into wide release on 2,800 screens and took in $29 million. This is the biggest open Eastwood has ever had. Bride Wars and The Unborn came in second and third.

Last weeks two-week winner "Marley & Me" finally fell from its lofty perch at number one and took fourth place.

Interestingly enough, Frank Miller's "The Spirit," widely considered by almost everyone to be a totally forgettable flop of a film, falls out of the top 25 completely.

And looking at the numbers, it looks like the box office is up 25% over last year.

Here's the top ten for this weekend:

1 (14) Gran Torino $29,025,000
2 (new) Bride Wars $21,500,000
3 (new) The Unborn $21,095,150
4 (1) Marley & Me $11,350,000
5 (3) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button $9,450,000
6 (2) Bedtime Stories $8,550,000
7 (4) Valkyrie $6,662,000
8 (5) Yes Man $6,155,000
9 (new) Not Easily Broken $5,600,000
10 (6) Seven Pounds $3,900,000

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