Hollywood News: Weekend Box Office Recap

With nothing new opening this weekend, the box office was surprisingly quite predictable.

The dog story "Marley & Me" dropped 33% from its opening weekend to keep first place and made an additional $24 million.

The next six films in the top ten were in the same positions last weekend.

Slumdog Millionaire jumped three places to make it into the top ten, improving their box office take by 10% and making $4.7 million. Not bad for a film thats only on 612 screens.

And Frank Miller's Epic failure "The Spirit" floped hard in its' second weekend. Lionsgate's tentpole dropped a whopping 49% and fell out of the top ten to 13th place.

Here's the total for this weekend.

1 (1) Marley & Me $24,050,000
2 (2) Bedtime Stories $20,317,000
3 (3) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button $18,400,000
4 (4) Valkyrie $14,042,000
5 (5) Yes Man $13,850,000
6 (6) Seven Pounds $10,000,000
7 (7) The Tale of Despereaux $7,019,816
8 (10) Doubt $5,031,000
9 (8) The Day the Earth Stood Still $4,850,000
10 (13) Slumdog Millionaire $4,770,000

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