High-Five for the Blind Guy

Ryan Seacrest is NOT having a good week. First, Brad and Angelina publicly snub him on the red carpet at the Golden Globes (snubbing is not nearly as hot at it sounds), and last night, he pulled a gaffe that is sure to light up You Tube for the foreseeable future.

If you missed it, here's the short version: Blind Guy auditions in the premire of American Idol Season Eight. Blind guy makes the cut! Seacrest joyously puts his hand up for high-five. Blind guy inexplicably doesn't respond. Seacrest ends up EXPLAINING to Blind guy that he was giving the high five. Awkwardness ensues.

That, my friends, is good television.

In other Idol news and notes:

- I can't believe this show is still running after eight years...but it is still addictive and fresh every time.

- The first episode had many things to recommend it:

* they seriously limited showing full auditions of the hopelessly hideous contestants (a major complaint from earlier seasons).

* The new judge (Kara) called a contestant a b*tch to her face.

* Paula flipped-off Simon.

* Simon and Randy let a contestant proceed soley on the basis of her bikini-clad ROCKIN A**. (This, not surprisingly, was the same contestant that Kara called a b*tch).

- They seem to be trying to get unique voices in more.

- Tattooed, pink-hair chick would have been quite pretty if it weren't for...well, the tattoos and pink hair.

- I hope they film her telling her (all-girl) band that she's ditching their European Tour for Idol. (the pinching and hair-pulling should be epic)

- That girl in the pink cowboy get-up was charming for about five seconds...she quickly morphed into the most annoying contestant since Sanjaya...thank god she didn't make the cut.

- Also, as a Texan, I was offended by the faux-cowgirl thing. (The Girl was from Connecticut, and wouldn't know a cow if it came up to her and begged her to "eat mor chikin")

- Not a single "dawg" or "yo,yo,yo!" or "pitchy" from Randy...and there was much rejoycing.

- They're being a bit more civil to the sincere-but-talentless trainwrecks this year. (no more suicides on Paula's front lawn!)

- Bikini-girl needs to take note of the fact that never in the history of the show has mouthing off to the judges led to any level of success.

- Did you notice Seacrest's REAL reaction when bikini-girl tried to swallow his face? He looked like a cat who was presented with a tainted mouse. (Tainted Mouse would be a good name for a punk rock band...)

- The producers seem to be getting wise to the "I-have-a-costume-but-no-talent" routine.

- "Sexual Chocolate" is a reference from an Eddie Murphy film called "Coming to America". If you're going to have something tattoed on your back, GOOGLE IT!

- The skinny little black dude with the "Jolly-Green-Giant" voice probably does have a future in voice-overs...if he learns to read.

- Overall, an entertaining beginning. Props to the producers for listening and responding to legitamate gripes about the show, and Props to Paula for staying awake and demonstrably sober for the whole time they were in Phoenix... 364 more days for that chip, girl!!!

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J_Jammer said...

I like Scott. He's my favorite thus far. The bikini girl..ha.ha.ha. Hot all over but hollow like a good echoing cave.

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