The Great Buck Howard Trailer

They have talk shows making guest appearances on this film from morning shows to late night shows; to Martha to Jon. Hopefully this movie is good or they just are all a bunch of schmucks.

It looks slightly amusing. But I don't know, it's kind of vague and the only thing one can be certain of is he's a city whore. He, Buck, loves every single city.

The film is an hour and half. That's a very good sign because that is part of my rules: all comedies should be done by the 1 hour and 30 mark.

The director is an unknown to me. I don't know any of the stuff he has done. But some people have come out of nowhere with a breakthrough movie. Maybe this is one of those films.


The cast is pretty brilliant. Colin Hanks has top billing (it seems) and then followed by his father Tom hanks and then John Malkovich. If it were other people I would be weary. I have seen disappointing Tom Hanks films, but for the most part he does pretty good stuff. This one of those borderline movies. I think they need a better trailer than this.

Here's the trailer:

Genres: Comedy and Drama
Running Time: 1 hr. 30 min.
Release Date: March 20th, 2009 (limited)
MPAA Rating: PG for some language including suggestive remarks, and a drug reference.

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