Golden Globes and 24 are "Desperate"

Believe it or not, on the night the Golden Globes sparkled and Jack Bauer "dammit-ed", the number-one entertainment show according to the Neilsons for the evening was... Desperate-farking-Houswives!!!

Now, I'm the first one to admit that the Golden Globes are just another in a procession of self-congraulatory, pretentious, meaningless, bullshit awards involving the press and celeberties fellating each-other while giving the networks and studios a collective reach-around...but Desperate Housewives?!

I'll refrain from commenting on the new season of "24" because (like many, I suspect) I'm TiVo-ing the entire season to watch it all at once.

While i'm on the subject of the Golden Globes...why exactly should anyone give a flying f*ck about anything the foreign press thinks, anyway? It's not like we ask their opinions on the real trivia like...say...going to war in the Middle East.

Gawking at hot celebrities in godawful designer gowns that are more expensive than my house is something that can be done in a 2-minute highlight/lowlight reel on CNN or ET.

Speaking of which...what the f*ck was up with Drew Barrymore's hair?

As far as the selections...well, they pretty much vindicate my point about pointlessness. An Indian Indie (!) film that exactly NOBODY in the US has seen wins for best drama? Result: NOW everyone will see it...hope you brushed up on your Hindi, (Yes, that's an indie Indian film in Hindi) or enjoy reading, does a 15-MILLION DOLLAR budget now qualify a film as "independent"? That's about the half of the annual of the GDP of Jordan (The nation, not the American Idol).

And...I like Tina Fey as much as the next guy (I also find funny to be extremely sexy), but why give awards to folks that will just end up gathering dust on the shelf behind the REAL awards (read: Emmy and/or Oscar) ? Despite the flowery speeches, I think most celebrities would say that the really meaningful awards are the ones from peers and audiences. Either way, whoever decided to make acting into a competition needs to be smacked.

But back to my original point... Desperate Houswives is a series that has ranged from "quite good" (Season One) to "tragically suck-tacular" (Season Two-Four) back up to "Reasonably Watchable" this year. So why did it cream the competition? On spec, 24 would have to be a better choice, but Housewives did not disappear from our collective consciousness for two years.

...24 did. Jack, your mission, should you want to survive, is to STAY THE F*CK ON TV long enough for people to get addicted again. Don't change time slots, don't take 2-month breaks before sweeps...just bang 'em out week after week, and start working on next year's show NOW. Enough people love this show for it to regain its former glory...but we have to be convinced to trust it again.

PS: This goes for Lost, too... also Rescue Me, The Shield and misc. other shows.

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