DTV Transition - Still Feb 17th.

Despite the urgings of the Obama administration and a unanimous vote from the Senate, the House of Representatives have voted down the DTV transition delay bill. The official date for the end of analog television still sits at February 17th. A little more than two weeks from now.

The vote was 258 to 168 in favor of changing the date to June 12, but under House rules, a 2/3 majority was required for approval.

“I am deeply disappointed that Republicans blocked the digital television transition (DTV) delay bill today in the House," Said Senator Jay Rockefeller, who penned the Senate bill. "Instead of delaying the transition to ensure that the most vulnerable among us have the ability to prepare for the transition, they have made certain that far too many consumers across the country will wake up on February the 18th and find that their television sets have gone dark and access to news, information, and vital emergency alerts will be unavailable. It did not have to be this way - this situation was unnecessary and avoidable.”

I'm sorry, but cry me a river, fellas. If you are one of the 6.5 million people that are still unaware of the fact that analog television is going away - a move that has been talked about for the past THREE YEARS - you don't deserve to watch TV. A bit harsh, I agree, but how much more hand-holding can we do? There has been AMPLE warning. And perhaps on the morning of February 18th when some of these people wake up, turn on their TV and see nothing but static, (officially called "hash" by those in the biz) perhaps this will be the final motivator needed to get them off of their asses to go out and buy a converter.

20 days and counting, folks.

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