Alien Trespass When Nostalgia attacks

There is a fine line between corny horrible and satirical corny wonderful. I can't decide where this trailer falls. I did see this trailer before I saw the wonderful Donkey Punch one, but after seeing Donkey Punch I'd have to say I would rather see Alien Trespass. That's not saying much, but it is saying something solely based on the trailers.

There's a lot of showing in this trailer and far less talking. I like to hear a bit of the lines because now, especially after The Spirit, I'm a bit weary of a film that shows cool (a stretch for the GREAT production value on this one) visuals and forgoes sharing lines. But you gotta love the throw back feel it has, that nostalgic feel. Hopefully that's not fleeting.

As of right now I'm more on the side of wanting to see it because it has peeked my interest. However, that could change should another trailer come out and the lines just don't see funny. If another trailer doesn't come out that means they're trying to snag people like me and then kill people with boredom and seat rash*. Seat rash would be moving from side to side trying to get comfortable during a movie that is dragging on and on.

Here's the TRAILER:

Yay or nay for you? Do tell....

*soon to be on Urban Dictionary.

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