Yet Another Reboot: Romancing the Stone in the works

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the next film scheduled to be regurgitated back onto the big screen is the 1984 film "Romancing the Stone"

The original movie helped launch Robert Zemeckis as a director, turned Michael Douglas and Danny DeVito -- then best known for their TV work -- into film stars
and established Kathleen Turner as a romantic lead.

Well, not quite. Kathleen Turner showed she was more than capable of a romantic lead with "Body Heat" that came out three years earlier.
No word on a Director or who will be producing it yet, but the THR article says that the script will be penned by Daniel McDermott - who, if IMDB is to be believed - has only one other credit for a film no one has apparently ever seen called "Ground Hero" which he wrote, directed, shot, produced and edited.
When we find out more details, we'll post them. In the meantime, I'd love to hear your comments about all of these remakes that are in the works. Do you like them? Are you sick of seeing the studios take the easy way out and just run popular old movies through the xerox machine?
Let me know what you think.

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