Tricks of the Trade

Have you seen the latest commercial for "The Spirit?"

Apparently "Critics are wild" about it:

But John at The Movie Blog declares bullshit on this commercial.

The reason: all the quotes come from one critic, in one review, on a website that no one has heard of.

Here's a clip of a fight scene from the film that was shown during a ComiCon panel with Frank Miller. Its a bootleg camcorder shot, but it gives you an idea of the kind of movie you can expect to see:

Find more videos like this on The Movie Community

Even though I havent seen this film, it seems clear that the marketing department is working overtime to generate at least SOMETHING they can use to hype the film. A few years ago, Sony got into hot water for creating a movie critic out of thin air and used this person to write positive reviews for films they knew were not-so-hot. As a result, Sony had to pay $1.5 million for the fabricated quotes.

Since no one wants a repeat of the David Manning episode, studio marketing departments have to use other tactics.

So is this critic that loves "The Spirit" a real guy? Probably. Is he being paid for the review? We dont know.

All we do know is that things smell a little fishy.

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