Strike Fears Threaten Oscar Season

Oscar Season just started this morning and already there are fears that Hollywood's biggest night may be facing a major setback. While the Hollywood Foreign Press association may have dodged a bullet this time around with the timing of a union strike, the Academy Awards may not be so lucky.

Last year the Writers Guild of America strike and the fear that no one would attend their silly awards show forced the HFPA to take drastic measures to make sure at least someone noticed they were handing out trophies to people in Hollywood. As a result, the gala event turned into a lame non-news break.

This year, the Screen Actors Guild is starting to make rumblings that a strike may be on the horizon if the members vote for it. And if that happens, the Oscars may be doomed.

Here's how it breaks down: Ballots will be mailed to SAG members on Friday, January 2nd. The votes will be counted on January 23rd, which happens to be the day after Oscar nominations are announced. The Golden Globes are scheduled for January 11th and the Oscars on February 22nd. If SAG votes to strike, SAG leadership could encourage its members not to attend the Academy Awards ceremony. And with no stars in the audience, whats the point of the Oscars?

It's too early to say just what will happen but as always, we'll keep you posted on how things develop. Stay tuned.

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