The Rumor Mill: "The Spirit" Sucks

We've been hearing lately that Frank Miller's "The Spirit" is not a good film. In fact, it may be really, REALLY bad.

The first news came from a tip from Aint It Cool News, where a reader submitted that the film was downright terrible. I try not to give too much weight to early reviews as they are usually written by someone that got lucky enough to sit in on a test screening of the film. But now that the film is approaching its release date, I'm starting to see more words from credible sources on the subject of Frank Miller's latest cinematic artsy-fartsyness and they are all starting to sound alike.

The verdict: the movie stinks.

Cinemablend has a detailed review of the flop in the making:

Miller’s movie is unforgivable; a mess of random, disconnected scenes, boring speeches, limp-wristed snark, and inconsistent special effects. Frank Miller is a man without a vision, without a direction, and without a clue. The Spirit may be immortal, but his movie is dead on arrival.
What are your thoughts? Are you wowed by the art direction in the film and the cool film noir look, or is it all just fancy wrapping on a big steaming box of crap?

Add your comments and let us know.


J_Jammer said...

I'll know on Christmas whether or not I like it. I like the black suit red tie. I got a red tie because I already had a black suit and black shirt. Not wearing it to when I go and see the film. Nah. This isn't one of those movies I'm totally looking forward to. I'm going because I did like Sin City and the look of this one interest me.

Ansara Gerik said...

Sorry guys.. But the movie sucks.. I was dying to get out of the cinema, but stayed to the end as i was hoping something interesting would come up.. But nothing fun turned out.. Bummer..

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