Robert Pattinson as the Joker in New Batman Film?

There are some very strange stirrings going on in the world of the Batman franchise. With the amount of money that "The Dark Knight" has already made ($996 million to date and a re-release is already planned) There is no way Warner Bros. is going to let an opportunity go by to make even more money off this rubber-clad cash cow. But now the rumors are starting to get a bit more intense, with allegedly inside sources leaking information about the upcoming sequel.

So to bring everyone up to speed, here's what we know (sort of):

  • An inside source has tipped off E! Entertainment's Ted Casablanca that Christopher Nolan is definitely on board to direct the next installment.
  • Naturally, Christian Bale will be back for more gravel-throated mayhem.
  • There is a new rumor that Rachel Weisz may be cast for the part of Catwoman.

And then there is the rumor that "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson might play the part of the Joker.

OK, let's kill this off right away before Twilight fans start freaking out and screaming at a frequency that tortures dogs:

It ain't going to happen.

Not in the slightest. Less than a snowball's chance in Hell, I'd say. In fact, I would say that Media Morgue's film critic Jay Jammer has a better chance of being the Joker than Robert Pattinson does.

As far as I can find out, no script has been written yet, so it's kind of hard to start casting parts for a movie that doesn't have an established cast of characters. But as we have reported previously, that doesn't stop people from trying to wish it into being.

And Rachel Weisz as Catwoman? While I will probably spend tonight fantasizing considering her for the part (I'm a sucker for a British accent and black latex, but that's another story), all we really have to go on is a vague rumor from some unnamed source who says they know something about the movie. In other words, there is not a lot of credible information about any of this.

But as always if we find out anything more concrete than wild, un-confirmed speculation, we'll post it as soon as we can.


Pinkstarlett84 said...

He's a fantastic actor. He can play the joker. I don't think he will, but he definitely could. Get off your fucking high horse. He's done other movies aside from the bullshit mainstream Twilight. He's done plenty of Indies that showcase his range and versatility.

The Judge said...

I said nothing about Pattinson's acting ability. Personally I have never seen him act, but that is beside the point.

First, there isnt going to be a Joker, so all of this is speculation. But that aside, ANYONE who attempts to fill the shoes vacated by Heath Ledger is going to have to face some harsh criticism from everyone in the world comparing them to Ledger. Heath reinvented the Joker as one of the most psychotic, downright creepy characters seen on film. Anyone that comes after him will be seen as merely copying what Heath already did.

Look at the Jokers we have seen: Ceasar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger. Each actor brought something different to the character. Pattinson would have to go in a completely different direction for anyone to take him seriously.

But like I said, the point is moot, anyway.

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