Metallica Version of "Guitar Hero" Coming Soon

It looks like metal band Metallica has decided to sell-out a little more and will be offering their music as part of the fake music playing computer revolution.

Metallica says from their website that there will be a mostly-Metallica version of the game "Guitar Hero" released in the first half of 2009.

Metallica's website states:

Included are 28 Metallica songs along with a few from some of our buddies like as Alice in Chains, the Foo Fighters, Slayer, Machine Head and Queen. There is also an all new Expert+ difficulty setting featuring two bass drum kick pedals (!!!) along with all the gameplay modes from Guitar Hero World Tour.

As the release date approaches, the band will be teasing the new game addition by releasing track lists, additional features and other information. No news as to exactly when the game will go on sale, but rest assured, the band will be making sure you know when and where to throw down your money to allow you to sort-of feel like you are a part of the band. At least in a computerized, virtual reality world.

Screaming, mullet-sporting fans and poorly timed pyrotechnic-induced second degree burns presumably sold separately.

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