Long winded Opinionated, Stubborn View on Survivor Gabon

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Oh how I do love Survivor. I’ve seen every single episode from the beginning with the winner Richard all the way to now with the winner of Gabon Bob. Did he deserve to win?

First I would like to state that I have had many reservations about many winners over the years, but a day or two later I would go: Well they deserved to win. I did that with Todd, Brian, Vecepia, Parvati, Jenna and Amber. I will never do that with Bob. He did not deserve to win.

Survivor is one of my favorites. No show brings about this much emotion from me. I’m engrossed from the get go. I can’t not watch the show. I have to see every moment. I love Survivor. I love how it makes me so passionate, so enthralled, so vicious with my words on what I think happened and how this person is this way or that.

I am not going to sit here and do a recap of everything. I’m just going to give my opinion on how things went by stating how well I liked all the people once the Jury started. If the person has a * next to their name that meant I liked them. They are part of my favorite Survivors…of all time. I should rank my favorites. Random thought.

The Jury

Marcus*: The merge happened after the first person to join the Jury was voted out and that was Marcus. From the get go my fantasy final four pick was Dan, Marcus, Charlie and Matty. I want to see a final four with just guys. It’s never happened. It would be interesting. Dan was gone a while back and now Marcus was gone so it just left me with Charlie and Matty.

Marcus, during the reunion, was said to have the highest IQ. As if this pompous fool needed any more molestation of his ego. I still like him as a person but man he was a horrible person on the Ponderosa. When he was by himself, he was great. He was not a graceful loser. He called everyone that was left names because they were stupid enough to vote him out and how he was the good guy and they were the bad. Yeah. I guess he failed to remember that he voted out people as well. Which would make him what? Hypocritical. He associates with a vile woman and allows her influence to riddle his existence with poison and disgrace. If he’s a doctor who the hell wants to go to someone that will judge you as you walk out?

Marcus could have lasted if he just got rid of Suzie instead of Dan or Suzie instead of suggesting Ken. He was at fault for him leaving not a twist of the game that didn’t help him. He has no one to blame but himself. His final tribal council question was stupid and egotistical of himself.

Charlie*: Did nothing the entire game but probably be nice to everyone. He was a massive follower. If there was a dictionary and it had to state what a follower was they’d just need his picture. Corinne, Marcus and Randy dislike someone you can be 100% sure Charlie will either agree verbally or silently. He could have saved himself from going, but he rather have been a follower. He should have flipped and he would have survived one more vote. When you are on a sinking ship it’s time to abandon it, especially when Charlie was trying to bucket the water out and it was Corinne and Randy who would bring on more water/trouble.

Charlie leaving the game was on high note. He was pleased it was a blindside. Good sport.

Charlie joining the ranks at the Ponderosa was pretty cool. Him and Marcus got a long great and it was fun…that is until it started to get crowded. His final tribal comment was such a butt kissing moment for Bob.

Randy: I would like Randy but he tried to hard to be disliked and he pretended it didn’t bother him. The cookie was denied and he threw a preschool fit. You can’t justify it. He can’t. If you really are trying to be nice then when someone denies your gift you get over it because it’s oh well. He didn’t. He also pretended that the hidden immunity was a known fake to him. Whatever. Matty tried to save him from being voted out and he was denied. He just was horrible for no reason other than if he was miserable then everyone is. And considering he had to replace Crystal’s name with that of a dog is just plan sad.

Randy left the show as a bad sport. He couldn’t get over how smart the rest were in riding the game of his existence. He was not Rudy (first season) funny. He was just mean.

But then on the Ponderosa he was sort of closer to Rudy funny and was enjoyable unless he talked about the game. It would be interesting to slam his dog in front of him to see how he liked being trashed, but I bet he’d cry like a five year old losing the top scoop of ice cream off a cone to gravity. His final tribal moment was bleh.

Corinne: If there is someone who is worse than Hitler and is a female she would be it. Worse than Hitler in the sense of personality as well as thought but not action, because that would just be mean of me. Corinne knew she was going so she had to scramble to do something but she was disliked and couldn’t do it and so she was voted out. Why Bob, or anyone for that matter, liked her cannot be answered with reason nor logic. She couldn’t say a nice thing without slapping on something negative. But I can say she seemed to truly like Kenny and that’s saying something. It’s saying she is 1% human. It’s a start.

She was a horrible sport in her final words.

Her on the Ponderosa was like an oil spill in the ocean. Things died and floated and stank and that was mainly Charlie, Marcus and Randy’s personalities as well as stupid comments. Her comment during the final tribal was just horrid. If she died her funeral would be so small it would be funny.

Crystal*: She couldn’t do a single challenge right aside from the Gladiator challenge. She put into question how not Olympic she was. I don’t think there would be that much heat on her if that was not known about her. I found her voting out of Randy the best vote ever in Survivor history. She yelled that vote for all to hear. It was awesome. Her and Kenny got too comfortable. And yelling at Matty, no matter what it was for, was not a smart move, especially not in front of Sugar.

I think she is a great person because when she was voted out she had nothing but pleasant things to say. She was disappointed in Sugar but that was about it. No signs of real animosity.

Her on the Ponderosa was great because she laughed and enjoyed herself. The other four ignored her. What was said was that they were still angry and that Marcus and Charlie partook.; especially Charlie who stated that he was only doing it because everyone else was and he was afraid if he deviated that he would get yelled at. Her final tribal council moment was not powerful and vindictive.

Kenny*: He became too focused on him being so good that he let things slip out of his fingers. He was right to think that Bob lied because Bob did. Bob could flip it this or that way but he still lied. Kenny should have dropped it. Not that it would matter he would have still been voted out. Kenny was so unsure of himself at the beginning and he tripped here and there when he walked but then he grew up throughout the game to someone that knew what he wanted and tried to get it. He has a great mind.

Him being voted out was smart move because he could have won the entire thing. He was the one that got most of the people voted out and he saved himself and Crystal many a times. He was a good sport. He should have thought harder on his question for final tribal and he sure the hell shouldn’t have over dramatized his decision with the walking back and forth. One reason for doing that is the guilt for knowing Sugar played the better game but not voting for her out of the spite of being outplayed.

Matty*: Matty was my favorite for the whole season. I just liked him. He reminded me so much of Kathy. He had her game play going. She made it to the final three without any help from a solid alliance. She was her own island. Matty was his own island. He didn’t have a person that was really with him. Slightly it was Suzie but she would have flipped to stay if the choice was him. His proposal was awesome and emotional. He didn’t have a great game plan because he had no one he truly trusted. One could say he should have practice the fire making. But he wasn’t sure it was to happen and he fully trusted Sugar. He was the most liked out of all the people in the game, I think, because he would have surely trounced Bob in the final if he were there as Sugar planned on. But he wasn’t and that was sad. It was really sad to see him trying to make fire to break the tie.

He was a good sport with his final words. He had a horrible question during terrible and was looking for an apology when he should have been looking at who deserved to win not who did he not want to win.


Sugar*: I really like Sugar. I thought she was a bit naïve at the beginning but she handled herself well and survived to the final three. I think that she reads people well and can understand people’s intentions well, for the most part. Of course not everyone is perfect and her failure was that she lead with her heart too much. I think she was a little blinded by who is a good person because of the loss of her father, but not totally lost because Bob isn’t a horrible person. She did seem to be a flag in the wind. She tested which way would be the best way for her to get farther and that’s what she did. Charlie’s interview showed a bit of distaste for that, but if he had done it when he had the chance he could have made it further. His loss. Sugar was able to get to the end without ever winning a single individual immunity, a single vote casted against her and having every single one of her votes matter for every person she voted for was ousted.

Her tribal answers were just ok. She didn’t care. She seemed to think Bob had won and I seem to think that everyone already decided prior to arriving at tribal. I don’t see how they could have changed their minds via any of her answers. Her game play was apparent and they all knew what she had a hand in doing or they wouldn’t be so pissed at her. And her not getting any votes is a testament to how well she did not how poorly she did. Because if Bob were to be the real winner, the one that did the best then he should have gotten more votes than he did, but he didn’t and therefore the votes cast for him and Suzie were just votes that were against Sugar not for them.

Suzie: She was a hard worker. That was her strategy. She was to work hard at camp and that way people would want to keep her. It didn’t work well because they wanted her gone. But because of faulty thinking on Marcus’s high IQ thinking she lasted all the way to the final three. She would have been gone had it not been for her winning the final immunity. She shouldn’t have been there. She was not a major part of any decision and was just an extra vote. She was the pleasant person but that’s about it.

Her answers at tribal were trite and pointless and really shouldn’t have garnered any votes because they were not well thought out and she was actually trying which made the answers that much worse.

Bob: I like Bob and I understand why many people like him. But he can’t be my favorite because he irked me towards the end. He didn’t do much at all throughout the entire game. He helped out around camp making things but the problem was that he was never really a part of the decision making of who was to go. He had to be told. In this way he was just as horrible at being assertive as Charlie was good at following Marcus around like a lost puppy. He did well in challenges but that’s not an indication of trying to win the game as much as it is to try to do as little as possible to make it further. For if he really cared about staying he would have made some bold moves and making two fake idols are not bold as they are final attempts at making a sinking ship float again. It’s creative and we all loved it because in the past the fake idols have been just “a stick stupid.” His blow up at Sugar for laughing at Randy while he turns around and becomes vindictive against Kenny was laughable. I tend to judge people based on what they state they are all about. Bob made the indication that he was someone that was upstanding. He stated so during a tribal council. Then he turned around and lied, for no reason, to Kenny. He yells at Sugar. He yells at Suzie. Did he ever yell at Corinne for being nasty and mean or Randy for doing that? No. Then he decides to lie and state he’s going to meditate while he goes and practices to make fire. Knowing full well that Sugar wanted it to be fair and he, in turn, repays that fair with taking full advantage of her kindness. That’s fine and dandy, because this is Survivor, but not when the person just claimed he was upstanding.

His answers at tribal were boring and lame and every bit as not worthy of being given a million dollars as Corinne is a venomous snake donkey hybrid. On top of that he was popular enough to win a 100,000$? Really? He was so boring on this show that it’s not even funny. James, a pervious winner, was at least funny and light hearted as well as fair minded. He knew what mistakes he made. Bob was far to prideful to mention such in any interview as well as ignoring how helpful Sugar had been to his success.

As you can see I think Bob was the winner because they did not want to give it to Sugar who rightfully deserved it. She was in the game from the get go. She was a little wobbly at first but she tried. Bob didn’t try until he was the last member standing then he decided he better try. Sugar played the game great with picking who she wouldn’t mind winning should she not. So she got what she wanted, someone she didn’t mind winning to win.

Matty is my favorite but if he had made it to the end with Sugar and he won I would have been pleased but I would still state that Sugar deserved to win. The reunion show was full of prideful comments by the Fake Four (what I called Marcus, Charlie, Corinne and Randy after Marcus, on the Ponderosa, stated they were the Fantastic Four. He tried to ruin one of my favorite superhero team with his idiot group of friends and self—idiot via the game…mainly. Exception is Corinne.) who couldn’t admit to any wrong doing what-so-ever. It was great that Corinne got booed and it was even more awesome that she totally lied and said it didn’t bother you. Don’t worry it’ll get to you. It got to Jerri. She’s just sad. She was happy for Bob wining because it wasn’t Sugar. It’s so sad.

I plan on doing a blog on every episode come February when Survivor returns. I just love this show. I know this was really long but I had to just give my two cents on everyone who was in the merge. And to reiterate that I will never agree that Bob deserved to win, my stubborn is immortal as well is my opinionated opinion. *smile*

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