Keanu Reeves will destroy the Earth

I'd like to call this the stupidest idea in the history of movie marketing, but really, it doesn't deserve that credit.

20th Century Fox has decided that the best way to encourage aliens from another world to come to Earth and destroy this tiny spec of dust in the universe once and for all is to beam the Keanu Reeves remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" out into deep space on the day it opens in theaters (today).

"If any civilizations are currently orbiting Alpha Centauri," says the press release, "they will be able to receive and view the film approximately four years from now in the year 2012."

The year 2012? How lovely! A lot of people consider 2012 to be the year that our world will face total apocalypse. There are a variety of reasons for this conclusion, but I am partial to this one being the main reason why.

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