How Not to be a Filmmaker

The Movie Blog has an interesting post about wanna-be filmmaker David Sinnott of the UK. Sinnott has been shooting interviews of professional wrestlers for a film he's been working on for the past three years. When he went to interview WWE star Brett Hart, he was told that the interview could not take place. Re-schedules and unexpected things like this happen all the time when you are shooting a documentary. Rolling with the punches and working around the obstacles is all part of the game.

But instead of being professional about the whole scheduling mix-up, Sinnott instead posted a rant on his Myspace page, directed entirely against Hart:

Bret Hart no longer deserves a place in Bloodstained Memoirs, alongside such class acts as Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam and Mick Foley. He isn’t deserving to be mentioned in the same breathe as those people. As a wrestler, of course. But not as a person.

Way to fail, Mr. Filmmaker.

Well, his credibility and chances of getting any more interviews may be shot to hell, but at least people are now talking about the film.

In doing some research on this story, I started getting the idea that all of this may be an attempt to get some attention on the film. "Any News is Good News" may be the rule of thumb, but if you sacrifice your own integrity in the process, you shoot yourself in the foot later on. Now this
"filmmaker" looks more like a spoiled fanboy than anything else.

Read the details over at the Movie Blog.

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