Hollywood News: Weekend Box Office Recap

Despite the fact that it's currently the lowest rated film in Rotten Tomatoes top ten, Mr. Wooden Head ham-fists his way through the sub-par remake "The Day the Earth Stood Still" to take the number one spot in the box office this weekend. But let's be honest here: It's number one not because it's any good, but because it's new. That's it.

How bad is "The Day the Earth Stood Still?" It rates lower than "Four Christmases" And that film was a total steaming pile.

And with Keanu now being beamed to Alpha Centauri as we speak, It's like the entire planet is flushing its turds in the direction of some lifeform we don't even know exists yet.

Meanwhile, "Twilight" hangs around sparkling in the sun for another week, newcomer "Nothing Like the Holidays" bows in at 7th place and "Delgo" broke a record for the lowest number of any film ever released onto 200o or more screens, bowing at 15th place.

Here's the tally for the weekend:

1 (new) The Day the Earth Stood Still $31,000,000
2 (1) Four Christmases $13,270,000
3 (2) Twilight $8,013,000
4 (3) Bolt $7,506,000
5 (4) Australia $4,285,000
6 (5) Quantum of Solace $3,800,000
7 (new) Nothing Like the Holidays $3,500,000
8 (6) Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa $3,250,000
9 (11) Milk $2,635,552
10 (7) Transporter 3 $2,250,000

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