Hollywood News: Weekend Box Office Recap

The critically panned "Four Christmases" retains its reluctant position as the number one film in America, but that appears to be because the new movies that came out this week were worse.

"Punisher: War Zone" stunk up the chart at number 8, pulling in $4.5 million and apparently it should be grateful for even that. A.O. Scott from the New York Times wonders, "Does it have to be so witless, so stupid, so openly contemptuous of the very audience it’s supposed to be pandering to?"

Beyonce Knowles new film "Cadillac Records" seems to be getting more favorable reviews, but opened in the bottom of the top ten, Dont expect this one to stick around long in the charts.

In the meantime, "Twilight" dropped almost 50% to land in the number two spot, while "Quantum of Solace" took the record for the biggest loss for the weekend (almost 65% from last week).

All in all, it was an off weekend for new movies.

Here's the top ten:

(1) Four Christmases $18,180,000
2 (3) Twilight $13,197,000
3 (2) Bolt $9,696,000
4 (5) Australia $7,000,000
5 (4) Quantum of Solace $6,600,000
6 (6) Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa $5,100,000
7 (7) Transporter 3 $4,500,000
8 (new) Punisher: War Zone $4,000,000
9 (new) Cadillac Records $3,500,000
10 (8) Role Models $2,622,125

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