Hollywood News: Weekend Box Office Recap

I wake up from that turkey coma and suddenly its December.

OK, Last week I said the following:
Mark my words: Twilight's numbers will drop at least 40% next weekend. Go ahead and quote me. I'm guessing I'll be right on this.
I will admit now that I was a little off. The teen vampire flick instead fell an amazing 62% from its over-inflated opening weekend numbers, showing just how much the fanatical geeks were able to prop up this mediocre-at-best teen romance flick.

Yes, these comments will probably get me stabbed by some of my co-workers (I'm watching you, Nefertari) but I hereby claim the right to thumb my nose to the world and say "Told-ya-so!"

Now that the Twilight hype has been deflated, the family-oriented films were the clear and expected winners for the Thanksgiving weekend. "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" fell only 7% during the weekend and "Bolt" ended up earning more its second weekend than it did in its first.

Despite most critics considering it total garbage, the latest Vince Vaughn flick "Four Christmases" managed to take the number one spot. Its running at 26% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes, and yet enough people saw it to make it the third best Thanksgiving movie opening ever. This tells me that audiences were craving something heartwarming and now are cursing themselves for thinking that Vaughn could deliver.

Kyle Smith of the New York Post said, "The difference between the average unfunny comedy and this one is the difference between Grandpa telling you knock-knock jokes and Grandpa telling you knock-knock jokes with his bathrobe open as his hand creeps up your thigh."


Meanwhile, Baz Lhurman's epic "Austrailia" finished the weekend at a dismal $14 million. It made more than "Moulin Rouge" did for its opening eight years ago, but it also did it in 400 more theaters. Reviews have generally been poor for the Nicole Kidman/ Hugh Jackman flick and bowing in at 5th place doesn't bode well for its long-term sustainability.

David Statham's latest sequel "Transporter 3" and Sean Penn's Oscar contender "Milk" round out the top ten. "Milk" averaged an amazing $38,000 per screen on only 36 screens around the country. Expect this one to open wider next week.

Here's the complete list for the four day Thanksgiving weekend.

1 (new) Four Christmases $31,680,000
2 (3) Bolt $26,596,000
3 (1) Twilight $26,370,000
4 (2) Quantum of Solace $19,500,000
5 (new) Australia $14,815,000
6 (4) Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa $14,500,000
7 (new) Transporter 3 $12,330,000
8 (5) Role Models $5,284,463
9 (8) The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas $1,690,000
10 (new) Milk $1,381,484


Nef said...

Twilight made more than Bolt and I wasn't talking about the percentages. Who cares? I'm talking about Australia totally sucking.

J_Jammer said...

Bolt is a consistent giver. Since it's a children's film it will be consistent because parents will be taking their kids to see it. So it'll hover around the top five for a while and rake in a constant amount. That is until Ice Age comes out.

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