Hey look! More Justice League Nonsense!

Its a new day, its new news from the confusing, gonzo world of the "Justice League of America.

The film that was green lit, put on hold during the strike, green lit again, confirmed by producer Joel Silver that it was dead, rumored to be back in action, only to then have the director apparently leave is reporting now that everything is fine and there's nothing to see here.

Seriously, could this drama be any crazier?

On Tuesday, the site Dark Horizons posted news that Justice League director George Miller was on a Sydney Australia morning show and stated that he was no longer connected with the Justice League film. (the original Dark Horizons article is mysteriously no longer on their site.)

Now comes apparently official word from that the original story was bunk. ComingSoon.net posted the following:

A representative from Kennedy Miller Mitchell tells us that George Miller did not appear on the "Sunrise Morning Show" let alone confirm anything about "Justice League" or "Mad Max." According to the representative, "The facts are indeed the complete opposite to what was reported"

OK, so was this a botched story by Dark Horizons, or is this some heavy backpedaling by the studio? Was all of this a wild goose chase for the Dark Horizons guys personal amusement, or were they reporting news from a credible source? I haven't seen them screw up like this before, so I'm left wondering just what the hell is going on, both with Dark Horizons and with the perpetually plagued Justice League project.

Perhaps because the production process for the film has been so god-awful strange, we're willing to believe anything.

The film was scheduled orignally to be in photography this Summer to meet a 2009 open, but I haven't heard anything more about it.

We'll begrudgingly continue to keep an eye on this to see if this film ever really makes it to the screen.

Stay tuned.


Paul Bunyan said...

Yeah, I mentioned this in my blog too.
This project needs to die already. At least until they realize the mistakes they're making.
George Miller is a hack. I still can't believe they think he's the guy to pull this off.

Anonymous said...
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