Golden Globe Noms Announced Today

Its Oscar Season again. Today is the day that the International Foreign Press Association - a group of about 90 journalists writing for outlets most everyone in the US has never heard of - get together to announce their nominations for the Golden Globe awards in some 25 different categories encompassing both film and television.

Let's hope that this year's activities aren't a repeat of last year's clusterfuck.

You may remember that about this time last year, the Writers Guild of America failed to reach an agreement with the producers and studio owners over contract terms and the writers hit the pavement with picket signs held firmly in their unemployed hands while Hollywood plunged headlong into the re-run abyss.

Because of this, the HFPA last year shortened its awards show and at one point hinted that they were going to kill it completely. The HFPA likes to think that they were supporting the writers as a sign of solidarity, but mostly this was due to the fact that the celebrities whom the HFPA depends on to make the show look glitzy, decided that they weren't going to cross picket lines to enter the theater. Fearing that the Golden Globes ceremony would look like a Tuesday night performance of a high school stage play, they abbreviated their awards presentation down from its usual two hour snore-fest to a more tolerable half hour "infotainment" style news break that everyone mostly ignored.

This year the writers are working, the celebrities are...being celebrities and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will be announcing their nominations for the 66th annual Golden Globe awards from some hotel in Beverly Hills that they think looks really swanky.

Honestly, the Golden Globe nominations and winners mean very little, but for some obscure reason that I don't have any interest in researching at this moment, the Golden Globes have become a barometer for the Academy Awards. As a result of this, huge amounts of credibility is heaped upon these 90 journalists and who they pick as their winners.

Here are the nominations.

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