WTF? Jaden Smith is the Next Karate Kid

Will Smith is planning on doing a remake of the Karate Kid with his son Jaden Smith as the lead.

Give that a moment to sink in.

Coming from the "Take a bad idea and run with it no matter what" department, Paramount Pictures is working with Will Smith's production company, Overbook Entertainment and original Karate Kid producer Jerry Weintraub to take the 1984 film and re-work it as a "star vehicle" for Jaden Smith.

Young Smith starred opposite his dad in the 2006 film "The Pursuit of Happyness" and is starring in the upcoming "The Day the Earth Stood Still" with Mr. wooden head, Keanu Reeves, due out this year.

Scheduled to begin shooting next year in Beijing, the plot is what you would expect: a young kid is bullied by bigger kids until he learns some fancy karate thanks to the help of an old, wise mentor.

Variety points out that, the younger Smith, "is a martial arts practitioner."

Great. So a 10 year old kid knows how to kick and punch a bit in a karate pose and dear old dad - who is clearly cashing in on his name - has decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to take a halfway-decent film and butcher it for the sake of his own progeny, while convincing the studios that millions of people will flock to the theater to see the result.

Seriously, wasn't Ralph Macchio like 23 years old when he did the first Karate Kid film? Isn't Jaden Smith a little young for this? Or perhaps they are "re-imagining" the story from the point of a younger audience.

Either way, I'm willing to state right now that this is a bad idea that will make no money at the box office. Mark my words: this movie has "SUCK" written all over it.

Nepotism is still thriving in Tinseltown.

Holy crap! I just realized that Ralph Macchio is 47 years old right now and still looks like he's 18.

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