Twilight Sequel Already In the Works

The movie doesn't come out for another week yet, but Summit Entertainment is wasting no time cashing-in on the teenage-girl-fueled fanaticism of the teen-vampire series "Twilight." A sequel is already being worked on and Twilight star Robert Pattison has said this week that he has signed on to play the enigmatic Edward for three more films.

Sorry, but as much as my fanatical co-worker will probably try to stab me for saying it, I'm not buying the hype surrounding this movie.

Yes, I haven't read the books and my only experience with the story is watching the trailer, but I'm just not that into it.

For one thing, the idea that Stephenie Meyer's concept of vampires goes against the traditional vampire stereotype we've seen for the past couple of hundred years. The Meyer vampire can walk around in the daylight? They dont need to drink blood? Dont have fangs? Huh?

I dunno, call me old school (old blood?) but to change the characteristics of what a vampire is that drastically and go against the Rice/Stoker/folklorical canon seems to disregard all that has come before.

Does this mean that goth clubs everywhere are going to now be filled with glittering, non-fanged teens wearing...i dont know...flannel or something? Perish the thought!

If I cant lurk in the corners of my nearest elysium in crushed velvet and brocade while chain-smoking Djarums and listening to Peter Murphey, I'm not interested.

OK, I cant believe I said that.

Tell me what you think. Am I wrong here?

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