"Twilight" - an Epic Failure? Mums the word.

So is the new "Twilight" film any good or does it suck eggs?

My personal opinion is that its going to be a terrible film, but officially, we wont know what the press thinks until Friday, because Summit Entertainment has clamped down on each and every early review of the film. No real reviews will be released by the press until the film opens.

That's a very big red flag.

Josh from Cinemablend went to a press screening of the film where he was told in no uncertain terms that he couldnt talk about the film until Friday:

What I can tell you is that Twilight has people nervous, and perhaps with cause. Though interest in this movie seems to be out of control, it’s hard not to notice that it’s all coming from a small group of hardcore fans, and not really anyone else. Meanwhile the studio’s tougher than usual embargo says that they expect vitriol from reviewers. Pre-screening reaction from most critics supported that notion. While waiting for the lights to dim, press section chatter was filled with a depressed sort of gallows humor, as if we were all headed towards the hangman and looking for a way out. More than one critic half-jokingly announced that he planned to show up drunk, as a way to blunt the impending, certain pain. For some, I’m not sure it was a joke.

Now, normally when a film is really bad, the studio will avoid showing it to the press before it opens. Its a cheap tactic, but effective to help inflate the box office numbers for opening weekend. But this - to let the press see it and then tell them that they cant publish anything until release - That seems really screwball.

All of this seems to suggest that rabid fangirls everywhere are going to be enraged by what the producers have done. All this prefabricated hysteria around the flick and it has the potential to be torn to shreds by the very fans it was produced for in the first place.

That, my friends is an "EPIC FAIL" on a level only Hollywood could do.


Nefertari said...

The only epic fail is this article. You should no better that this movie isn't for you and you just want to hate it bc it's popular. Did you also think High School Musical was awful? Well guess what, they more two more of those and the TARGET audience loved it. Did I? No, but who cares. So get over yourself and just let it happen.

The Judge said...

You are right. I should "no" better.

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