So Who's Playing at the Innaugration?

My friend sent me the following this morning:

Sure, President Elect Obama has said that Miles Davis is one of his
favorite musicians, but he's strangely not available. Typical Miles
behavior if you ask me.

So how do you think will play the inauguration? At this point they can probably have anyone alive. Plus they can have Oprah or Spielberg make the call, so saying "no, thank you" isn't even an option. My guess is that Will.I.Am is waiting for the phone call and already has an entire choir lined up to do his "Yes We Can" number.

So let's have a bit of fun to celebrate before everyone starts handicapping the picks for cabinet positions (pssst - my first guess there is Warren Buffet will get the call and maybe Colin Powell, ahem...back to the fun bit).

But who do you think should play? Who would you like to see up on the stage? My guess is that you would want to pick an American artist that can be moving, reverential and inspirational - sometimes even at the same time.

Stevie Wonder?
Bruce Springsteen?
Aretha Franklin?
The Staples Singers?
Bob Dylan?

Please keep your suggestions to those artists that are still alive. I call it the "If Miles can't play neither can John Lee Hooker/Warren Zevon/Freddie Mercury/Johnny Cash" rule.

Okay. You've got the topic. Discuss.

This is actually a very interesting question. I was going to say Sinatra, (but they had to throw that damn had-to-be-alive clause at the end), so other than the chairman of the board, I dont have any suggestions.

I know Springsteen performed for Obama a day or two before the election, so its possible he might be getting the call for the innugration. We're not sure.

So, any suggestions? Reply to this post and let us know.

Wait...Bob Dylan is still alive? Are we sure about that?


Anonymous said...

Best response I've gotten from the email is this one from a friend in Philadelphia:

" Motorhead should play the election. Things would get done if people just listened to Ace of Spades more often."

She's right but Motorhead is from England. Other than that it was a fine idea.

Anonymous said...

Let's start with a reading of Revelation 13:1-10 by James Earl Jones followed by Polyphonic Spree covering the Stones Sympathy for the Devil.............................or......................

Parlament Funkadelic doing Lenny Kravitz Let Love Rule.............................or................

in the actually can happen and I'd love to see it. Anyone that can sing Change Is Gonna Come as good as Sam Cooke did. Not a dry eye in the house........PoRn.

The Judge said...

Alright, Damn you for making me look up a bible quote.

I need to clean myself now.

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