Rocky Horror Remake Makes Enemies

We posted back in July that MTV was in the works to do a "re-imagining" of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Well it didn't take long for the backlash to make itself known.

A website called is putting together a petition to ask MTV to pretty please stop. So far over 19,000 people have signed the petition.

I support the site's attempt to convince MTV to not ravage the cult classic, but honestly I don't think the site stands a chance of making any impact. Once a billion-dollar corporation gets dollar signs in their eyes, its very difficult to dissuade them from their intended goals, no matter how foolish that goal may be.

Still, I give the site owner credit for speaking his mind and echoing what other RHPS fans have been saying:

Was anyone asking for this?! I mean the original is no cinematic masterpeice but it has retained a sort of dirty do-it-yourself charm. There are no great special effects, there are cheesy sets and a cheesier script. But thats its charm.

Barry Bostwick, who played Brad Majors in the film, felt that attempting a remake of the film would be like attempting to do a remake of Casablanca and in an interview with pointed out why any attempt would be a waste of money:

“How are you going to remake it?” Bostwick asked. “Every time it was done on stage, I thought it showed the flaws of the piece. I think it’s a one-off; I don’t think you can repeat that. I mean, look at the sequel, ‘Shock Treatment.’ I never saw that, but it was a miserable failure…even more of one than ‘Rocky Horror’ was when it first came out!

Oh Brad Barry: there you go using common sense against the greed of modern studios. Silly, silly mortal.

To sign the petition and find out more, follow the link below.

Stop the Remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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