NBC Kills "Lipstick Jungle" and "My Own Worst Enemy"

NBC has decided to pull the plug on both the "Sex and the City" wanna-be,"Lipstick Jungle" and the Christian Slater "Bourne Ultimatum" wanna-be, "My Own Worst Enemy."

According to Neilsen, both shows have dropped to new ratings lows. "Enemy" has averaged under 6 million viewers, while the top rated show, "CSI" is averaging 21.1 million.

The Peacock is clearly up against the ropes in the ratings department, taking third place in most demographics behind CBS and ABC. NBC's other show, "Knight Rider" is barely hold on, with its numbers averaging 7.5 million and despite everyone loving Tina Fey right now, "30 Rock" isn't doing much better at 8.4 million.

NBC says that they will continue to air episodes of "Enemy" which just finished shooting its 9th episode. "Jungle" has finished production on all 13 episodes that were ordered. Once the inventory runs out, that's it.

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