Inserting Advertising into YouTube Clips

Having found a cure for cancer, solved the world's financial crisis and ended global warming, some guys at Stanford University figured out a way to embed moving video into an existing video clip, thereby assuring that every get-rich-quick Adsense troll will be plastering video advertising into their otherwise boring home videos and bragging about how easy it is to make money online.

More advertising. Yippie!

Here's a demonstration video, which also shows you that YouTube is now playing back clips in a 16:9 format. Great for high res stuff, but that means pillar boxing for everything that wasnt shot in HD. To understand a little more about pillar boxing, check out our previous article.

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ttyp00 said...

if these guys were genuinely intelligent, they would find ways to make the web more user friendly and find innovative ways to keep advertising out of the viewer's experience instead of greedily finding more ways to oppressively market to us. we've had enough marketing, already!

such smart students and all they can do is find ways to help make rich people more rich. why not find ways to enrich OUR LIVES?

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