Because "I Am Legend" was such a surprise hit at the box office, it didn't take Carnak to figure out that the studio was going to try to squeeze a few million more out of the story.

But now, a rumor has surfaced that Will Smith and writer D.B. Weiss have "changed things up" by turning the new story from a prequel to a sequel. And since "I am Legend" ended with the main character...you know...not-so-sequel-friendly, it doenst leave much in the way of plausibility to drop Smith back into the film.

According to some putz on Aint it Cool News, Warner Brothers execs apparently felt Smith was a better actor than he is a screenwriter and didnt like the concept Smith originally created. So they've changed it to appease the studio.

Always the benchmark for a winning film.

Now, I don't know anything about the guy who made this claim on Aint It Cool. It seems that the guys at Aint It Cool dont know anything either.

So this could be anything from the secretary for a WB exec, or a fanboy with
delusions of grandeur. Or more likely, a plant from the marketing department looking to throw out a little dis-information.

Either way, at least its amusing.

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