Fox Kills Saturday Kids Programming - Opts for Infomercials

This is interesting.

The big brains at Fox have decided to eliminate kids programming they normally showed on Saturday morning and instead will use the time to drop in "longform advertisement."

In other words, infomercials.

The move comes after Fox settled out of court with children's TV production company 4Kids, which had been programming Fox's Saturday morning kids block. In the original lawsuit, 4Kids charged that they were due a refund of money that it had paid Fox for the programming. Now that Fox has split with 4Kids, they have decided to free up the block of time for other programming that they hope will make them some money.
"These are hopefully not infomercials," said Fox Networks Group chairman Tony Vinciquerra. "These will be longform programs that highlights their product. In that regard, it will have a little better quality."
Sorry Mr Chairman, call it what you want, but if you have a program that talks about the wonders of the "ShamWow" for 30 minutes or more, its an infomercial.

And any television network that could potentially create an increase in the number of times I have to hear that idiot Billy Mays scream about various products is time I am not spending watching that network.

Expect more issues like this to start popping up as the advertising market dries up from the recession.

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