The confusing "Give 'em Hell Malone" Trailer

We've been dissecting the trailer for "Give em Hell, Malone" for some time now. The film stars Thomas Jane and Ving Rhames that may or may not go straight to DVD next year.

The trailer looks...well, it looks cheap. But I can't tell if it's cheap because it's produced on a shoestring budget, or if it's cheap because it's actually trying to look low budget.

Everything seems anachronistic: The guy is wearing a fedora and drives what looks like a gorgeous '49 or '50 Merc lead sled, but we appear to be in present day. The film also toys with some of the classic film noir elements (hard angles, heavy shadows, lots of contrast) but yet it also appears to have high-speed cameras and effects used in modern-era action sequences. And then the way the trailer was put together - looking like something a fanboy would create on YouTube - makes me think that they're trying to look cheesy on purpose. Or maybe I'm just over-analyzing the whole thing and its really just a crappy film.

Is this art house, grind house or outhouse?

After careful evaluation, I'm leaning toward the latter. The three executive producers on the film - Martin Barab, Patricia Eberle and Oscar Generale - all appear to be small time, low on the Hollywood ladder - type execs. The cinematographer is mostly a cameraman that's done a few TV shows and indi films and even the distribution company, William Morris Independent - is not known for putting out anything anyone has seen.

The fact that it comes out April 1st has me hoping the whole thing is a joke and not really a movie. Then again, I'm drawn into wanting to see it mostly because I'm a fan of film noir and '50 Mercs.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

William Morris Independent is not the distributor- it's the sales agent, and one of the best out there.

They are well known in the indie world and have sold several indie gems including: Thank You For Smoking, Away From Her, Young @ Heart, and the year's biggest award winning indie film of 2008, Frozen River.

Anonymous said...

This film has a unique cast of actors (characters). I'm really looking forward to watching it. Russell Mulcahy is a true artist, and by the looks of it, there's a nice blend of everything in the mix. Can't wait!

The Judge said...

See, I dont have anything against Russell, but most of his stuff has been very artsy music videos (Duran Duran's videos, for example, usually didnt make any sense, but had mostly naked women in it, so we enjoyed it). But I worry that Russell will make this too artsy - too forced. And that will hurt the feel of the film.

Im tired of grindhouse looking stuff. It was funny when Tarantino and Rodriguez played with it, but it doesnt mean I want to see more scratchy films that spend a lot of money just to look cheap.

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