WTF: Johnny Rotten Sells Butter?

We may have to come up with a new award here at the Morgue. Or maybe after viewing this, we could simultanously launch and then retire the award for "Biggest Corporate Sell-Out."

Here is Johnny Rotten - sorry, John Lydon - shilling for "Country Life British Butter." (You kids born after 1980 may want to ask your parents who Johnny Rotten is - or was, as whoever this Lydon wanker is certainly has no resemblance to Johnny.)


Dave said...

Furthermore, where does Mr. Lydon (if that is his real name, hmmm?) find such butter in Los Angeles?

Next up, Iggy Pop for Right Guard, Elvis for Marcal and Jerry Lee Lewis for Trojan.

Waitaminute. That last one just might work.

The Judge said...

Thats pretty funny. Have you ever considered a career in marketing?

Dave said...

Sure I have. I just wish every one else would consider a career in marketing for me.

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