Weekend Box Office Recap

So Marky Mark finally beat the damn talking dog to take the number one spot in a fairly soft weekend at the box office. As the papers love to say, it was a Payneful weekend as "Max Payne" cleared a measly $18 million. Only this much, despite Wahlberg hamming it up reading cue cards on Saturday Night Live. Say hello to your mother for me, douchebag.

The Secret Life of Bees came in third, clearing $11.2 million.

Meanwhile The biopic on our illustrious commander in chief didn't fare as well. Oliver Stone's flick came in fourth, clearing $10.5 mil.

The biggest loser of the weekend was the horror flick Quarantine, falling 55% from its opening numbers to land in 7th place.

Here's the top ten:

1 (new) Max Payne $18,000,000
2 (1) Beverly Hills Chihuahua $11,200,000
3 (new) The Secret Life of Bees $11,050,000
4 (new) W. $10,550,000
5 (4) Eagle Eye $7,343,000
6 (3) Body of Lies $6,880,000
7 (2) Quarantine $6,300,000
8 (5) Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist $3,900,000
9 (new) Sex Drive $3,566,000
10 (7) Nights in Rodanthe $2,680,000

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