View Offensive TV, Courtesy of The Parents Television Council

The greatest thing about the Parents Television Council is not the fact that they want to be the ultra-conservative eyes and ears for the rest of the ignorant masses. Its not the fact that they have a single agenda and through the use of unethical tactics, manage to put the FCC over a barrel at every turn. Its not the fact that the thousands of PTC members do whatever their leader commands them to do, It's not even the fact that they want to tell you what you can and can't watch in the comfort of your own over-mortgaged-to-the-hilt home.

No, the greatest thing about the PTC is that they include clips of the programming that they consider to be offensive.

Which means, if you didn't get to see it because you don't normally watch that particular show, you can just go to their website to see all the offending bits.

Brilliant marketing, fellas!

Apparently the latest bug to get stuck up the PTC's collective, and firmly clenched butt cheeks is an episode of CBS' "Two and a Half Men" that apparently went too far in the eyes of the conservative watchdogs.

Here's how the PTC describes it:

The October 20th episode of Two and a Half Men centered on Charlie's discovery that his nephew's former teacher is now working as a pole dancer. He and his brother Alan go to visit her at the club where she works, and Charlie gets a "lap dance" for Alan so he can talk to her. Despite the graphic content, CBS gave the program only a TV-14 rating, signifying that in CBS' view, this content is appropriate for any high-schooler.

Knowing several people of high school age, and having been one myself, I know that this content would be considered tame, lame and frankly "not enough boobies" to satiate or even whet the appetite of the average hormonally-surplussed teenager.

I do like the "ring toss with my car keys" line, in the clip, though.

So if you want to watch the offending video, which surprisingly co-stars the sexy redhead Alicia Witt doing what appears to be a just-learned bump and grind on the lap of John Cryer, click here.

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