Survivor Winner Loses to Tax Law, Sent Back to Prison

Too bad, so sad.

Richard Hatch, whom you may recall was the winner of the first season of CBS's Survivor in 2000 - and who "accidentally" forgot to mention to the IRS that he won a million dollars - and who, because of that little forgetfulness was sentenced to four years in federal PMITA prison for tax evasion - appealed his case to the US Supreme Court hoping that they would consider all the options and overturn the rulling.

However, the highest court in the land has decided (not in so many words), "Nope. You're an idiot. Back to jail you go."

E! online says that Hatch had an ace up his sleeve in his appeal:

Hatch had hoped the justices would be sympathetic to a conspiracy theory he wasn't allowed to float at his trial: CBS agreed to pay his taxes after he caught producers rigging the first season of Survivor.
You mean...reality shows might not be as real as its genre would imply?

Shocked, we are at this allegation. SHOCKED!

Hatch (pictured above looking particularly goofy holding the check for the money he forgot to declare on his taxes), was also convicted of tax evasion on $327,000 he earned as co-host of a Boston radio show and $28,000 in rent on property he owned.

With no other court to suck up to, Hatch goes back to jail to serve out the rest of his four year, three month sentence.

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