“Saw V” Boring Set Up

Genres: Suspense/Horror and Sequel
Running Time: 1 hr. 32 min.
Release Date: October 24th, 2008 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for sequences of grisly bloody violence and torture, language and brief nudity. Distributors: Lionsgate

Director: David Hackl

JJ Rating: C

People die because they are stupid, selfish and just plain morally retarded. Saw V.

The movie was just a BIG fat set up for number VI. I have no doubt.

One could state you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, but that’s not the case with the Saw Series because they are different. I like I, II and IV. III and V were set up films and they just bugged the hell out of me because they were boring and in some killings the way out was not fair. It irritates me. I liked Saw because what had to be done was fair based on what the person had done ‘wrong’.

There are five people that are captured and they have a pretty interesting storyline to follow, but they are not the main point. Everyone who has seen all the Saws know that the main killer is dead and it has to be handed over to someone else and that’s what the entire film is mainly about and that bored me to tears. Horror movies are not known for their acting and let’s just say Saw V aces that.

I was disappointed. I enjoy Saw for the moral thought put behind the killings, not the lack of story to push the theme along. They complicated a simple transition far too much and made it less interesting and more drone worthy.

The awesome story with the five people was pretty intense with what they had to go through to live or die. I had already figured it out from the get go, but that’s just me and it very well could be that simple to understand. But it didn’t matter because the execution of the entire scenario was pretty cool. If only the entire film was filled with that as was the first one. What is sad is that when a film gets going and makes millions and they continue to make more they fail to continue with the reason why it was good enough to make sequels to begin with. Oops.

The gruesome factor is pretty awesome with the beginning and the other deaths that happen throughout; not bad on that. Then there’s the Saw need to have everything look like it has not been cleaned in decades. Every single room in the film, no matter if it was an FBI office or an ambulance, all looked dirty.

Based on how things are working thus far, I will like Saw VI; and yes I will be seeing it even though this one almost totally ruined me. I wanted to be entertained. I saw it at midnight. I did not want to sit there and think about how things were panning out. I did not see Saw V for the acting and the phenomenal storyline. I saw it for the moral deaths and how it fits with the rest of the series. Deliver that and it’ll be a perfect Saw movie not a boring hour and half set up. Thanks.

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