Russell Crowe to play Werewolf in Ridley Scott Film?

The website Bloody Disgusting was tipped off that director Ridley Scott purchased a spec script from writer Ian Jeffers, whose only other credit includes a "Death Wish" rip-off called "Death Sentence" and a Dracula video game rip-off called "Castlevania" that is scheduled to be released sometime next year.

If this is what we can expect from Jeffers, its fair to assume that a spec script for a rip-off of Frankenstein is probably tucked away in Jeffers flash drive for a rainy day.

So Ridley Scott bought the rip-off werewolf movie and according to the Entertainment news source WENN, has apparently already tapped Russell Crowe to be the lead.

Is this just wild speculation? Doesnt matter. People are already talking about it, and that may be enough to will the whole thing into reality. Cinemablend says that "Scott could just be the first filmmaker in years to successfully make a legit werewolf movie."

In light of the other werewolf film that is being released in February with Benecio Del Toro as the head lycanthrope, its safe to assume that other studios might want to hop on the bandwagon and wring out some millions of their own while sending the genre back to the grave.

But there is really no further information about this other than the original rumor and this news about Crowe (which I'm personally having a hard time wrapping my head around.)

If we find out anything more, we'll post it here.

As always, stay tuned.

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