Quote of the Week: Superblazer.com

Some friends decided to compete in a $1000 car competition. Its similar to the 24 hours of LeMons, but with apparently a lot more jumps and a lot less restrictive safety regulations.

"Team Superblazer" didn't really stand a chance of winning, but that didn't dissuade them from stripping down an old TV news vehicle, gutting the interior, spay painting the obligatory Texas flag on the roof and competing as the local town favorite.

Once they finished racing the truck over the course, they made the decision to to sell it on eBay. And instead of just dumping it into the Auction abyss, they decided to make a commercial out of the thing to generate a little interest.

And because of that, they have inadvertantly won Media Morgue's prestigious quote of the week, when they offer concise words of wisdom in a phrase I now say way too often around work:

"Chrome don't get you home."


I couldn't embed the video but this link will take you to the website of Superblazer.com where you can watch both the commercial and the making of the legend in all of its rusted, beat-up glory.

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