Pulitizer Winner Writes Spiderman 4's Script

Pulitizer prize winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire is in talks with Columbia to write the script for the fourth Spiderman film.

The film is set to re-team Director Sam Rami with Tobey Maguire and (most-likely) Kirsten Dunst (like she has anything better to do).

This is not the first time a Pulitizer winner has penned a script for the web-slinging superhero. Michael Chabon, who won the Pulitizer for fiction in 2001 helped write the script for Spiderman 2.

As The Hollywood Reporter points out, the fact that Columbia is bringing in some heavy hitters when it comes to writing the story, suggests that the next film will focus more on the development of the characters - something lacking with the last Spiderman flick.

Oh yeah, Stan Lee will be involved somehow as well, though it will probably just be a stupid cameo again.

More news as it leaks.

Stay tuned.

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J_Jammer said...

I read this and wondered if it was picked up by you. ha. It's exciting....but I would be more amped if they were doing an X4 and without Wolverine.

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